Basajaun Project

BASAJAUN is a major European innovation project about sustainability of building with wood. The main objective is to demonstrate how wood construction chains can be optimized to foster both rural development and urban transformation whilst being connected with sustainable forest management in Europe. The core idea is to enable the construction of a mid-sized building with the lowest possible hectares of forest.

Two full-scale medium-sized demo buildings will be constructed in Finland and France using innovative architecture and a complete digitalization of the ‘forest to building’ chain to show how wood construction can create benefits for rural areas.

Coordinated by Tecnalia, the project comprises 30 partners from 12 countries including 8 leading research and technology organizations, 3 universities, 15 companies and 5 other public and sectoral organizations. The team unites strong expertise in wood construction systems and buildings, innovative materials, architecture, forestry, digitalisation, environmental assessment and rural development. It covers regions both in Northern, Central and Southern Europe.

The title Basajaun is adopted from an imaginary creature of the Basque mythology and can be translated as ‘Protector of the forest. The name Basajaun has been chosen for the project as an analogy to the idea that forests can be better protected through a sustainable use of forest products in wood construction, to generate positive benefits for the rural communities.

credit: UNStudio


Main role of Omikron-Dokk Ltd.:
Omikron participates in the project using its experience gained in the Osirys project, in which the pultruded profiles were created from renewable materials. The demo buildings representing the final result were made using these profiles. For the BASAJAUN Project, OMIKRON is developing bio-based profiles manufactured by pultrusion using resins from forest products reinforced with natural fibres.

  • Produce the thermoset pultruded biocomposite profiles for the Curtain wall, Multilayer facade and Internal partitions.
  • Doing researches to find the suitable raw materials that meet the project’s objectives.
  • Performs the necessary manufacturability tests so that the raw material system is also acceptable for long-term serial production
  • Production of test quantities for carrying out experiments
  • Production of project quantities, which are necessary for the production of the specified demo buildings

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